I am Mehmet, a self-taught freelance photographer and videographer currently based in Paris, France.

I have started photographing what I see that excites me, with a great passion; the moments, people, places; sometimes because of their aesthetic or absurdity, sometimes because of their light or mood.

When I travel, I love flowing through the streets to capture the atmosphere and to take portraits of people whom are outstanding to my eyes. When I work as a photographer I do the same, in a venue where I am invited, by focusing on my clients’ expectations.

I have taken photos for various purposes in several countries so far. You can see some samples among them here in my website.

I worked as a wedding/event photographer and videographer with Can Kinalikaya for 6 years in Istanbul. We filmed and photographed several weddings and events together in Turkey, France, Greece, Lebanon and Italy.

I have assisted Serkan Eldeleklioglu on his works for magazines such as Marie Claire, GQ and Turkish Airlines’s Skylife Magazine.

In 2013 in Paris, I worked with a Brazilian director Marcio Darocha and French cameraman Jean Ratsimbazafy on the short film project “Je suis fan de Grande Écran” which was rewarded by the Public Award of Nikon Film Festival in 2012, later on kept working as backstage photographer for Efata Films‘s TV series project and broadcasting project of Rivière Noir with several French musicians.

I am now looking for any kind of photography/videography projects. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in working with me.